Latest Blog: The Cottonwoods Are Coming … The Cottonwoods Are Coming

New look, New approach. New commitment.

The new look results from a change of the web design program and hosting platform. Adobe Muse and its Business Catalyst service have just been discontinued, meaning that I have had to rethink, redesign, and relocate. 

The new approach is to simplify the site, allowing me to continue doing all the other things I love and need to do while at the same time keeping the website interesting and current. I just tried to do too much with the previous version of allsalmonconsidered

At the center of the new effort will by the Rocky Brook Ruminations blog, which allows me to share my experiences and thoughts about living along a vibrant salmon stream on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Interesting ideas and stories constantly come to mind, this site is a way of telling them.

The new commitment is to add a blog posting every two months.  

I still plan to weave in “art, science, culture, and a bit of humor (always with a fishy cartoon)”. 

And I hope to hear from those of you who visit allsalmonconsidered. I would love to include the voices of others who are curious about the world of salmon, have their own stories, or know more than I do (and take the time to correct my errors and misconceptions.)     

Next Blog (hopefully) October 1, 2022) I try to post new blogs every two months.